Hi,  I’m Alison Muir and this is the bit where you find out a bit about me (which is only fair if you’re considering working with me), and how my experience may help you.

Alison Muir

After over twenty years as a Team Manager creating individual performance plans, I am proud to have added the following coaching models to my collection:

Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching

Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching & Facilitation – Animas Centre for Coaching

Certificate in Somatic Coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching

As a result I am able to integrate mindfulness and somatic practices, with transformational and career progression coaching skills. Which means we can engage both your head and your heart and create lasting and meaningful change.

On a more personal level, let me start by saying I am an introvert, which means I am a natural listener. This is particularly handy when considering a career in coaching.

I would also say I’m an optimist. Not a ‘loud, get everyone out of their seats and dancing because life’s so good’, optimist. More of a ‘quietly confident that good things can and do happen’ one. Again, a handy attribute to have if your mission, like mine, is helping other humans. Let’s face it, I’d be no good to you if I believed we were all doomed!

I have been coaching career performance for over 20 years. That’s a lot of hours of 1-2-1 discussions, goal setting, feedback giving, performance tracking and from time to time performance intervention.

I continually strive to be a better version of myself, because it helps me to help you. I’m a human being, just like you. And just like you, I have my own challenges, doubts and unhelpful mindsets. I don’t have all the answers, but I can help you to find yours.

My approach is to help you understand your thoughts, feelings and nature, and how you can use that awareness to achieve more. To encourage you to challenge yourself, but also to learn to be kind to yourself too.

My time as a team manager and a Pilates teacher, taught me that we need to let go of perfection as a goal. Striving for perfection leads to us judging not only ourselves but those around us. If our measure of success is perfection, we are set to fail.

I also believe we always have a choice. Even if we have convinced ourselves we don’t, this is just how it is, we can’t change it. There always is something we can choose to do. Even if that thing is to do nothing right now. But knowing that is a CHOICE is very powerful.

Life qualifications or things I got right, things I got wrong:-


Loved it but only so far as college. That being said I continue my education through taking courses on subjects that interest me, and that will never end. For me, learning in whatever form it takes, is an opportunity for growth.


Things don’t always turn out how we expect them to do they? I don’t believe people enter into marriage expecting it to end in divorce, but you know these things happen and in this case it happened to me. Nevertheless as I said I am an optimist so, I thought I would give marriage another go. We recently moved from my home county of Surrey all the way to Somerset, with the softest-hearted dog in the world and a champion mouser of a cat.


For about eight years I was a full-time working unexpectedly single mum to a very active son. I am now also blessed to be step-mum to a free-spirited daughter. I have survived their teenage years, with only a few grey hairs appearing and my sense of humour intact.


I have spent the majority of my career working for well-known premium food/drink manufacturing companies within their Supply Chain Teams. I admit this wasn’t the dream job I had visualised as a kid, and to be honest I don’t know of anyone who went to the Careers Advisor in school and announced “I want to work in Supply Chain”. It was all teachers, pilots, fire service, fashion, medicine etc., etc., etc. But working in Supply Chain does bring out some useful skills such as being able to remain calm, to hope for the best but plan for the worst, to understand processes and your part in them, to have an eye for detail and be methodical in your approach. You also need to work well with others, because you are one link in a long chain.

“How does any of this help me?”  I hear you ask.

Well it means:

  1. I am calm. I can create the space for you to say what you need to say, and where you know you’ll be listened to.
  2. I moderate hope with realism. I will make sure you don’t chuck it all in to join the circus, without first taking out personal accident insurance or realising you are in fact terrified of clowns.
  3. I understand the stresses and strains of work and parenthood, and I know life doesn’t always turn out like we thought it would.

Alternate Career 1

When the opportunity for redundancy arose just prior to my turning 40, I took it with both hands and trained and qualified as a Pilates Instructor. I knew how much it had benefitted me and I wanted the same for others. This taught me some valuable lessons, here are just three of them:

  1. You can be ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED and not die from it – I kid you not.
  2. Stepping (or rather long-jumping) out of your comfort zone is decidedly uncomfortable but necessary. Introvert remember?
  3. You should always have a plan B.

Alternate Career 2 AKA “OMFG I just handed in my notice”

There was a catalyst for my leaving a well-established career and becoming a Life Coach. A distressing number of friends and family were diagnosed with life threatening diseases within a year of each other. Times like this really make you think. Here were people who were being told something nobody wants to hear, and not crumbling beneath the weight of it. And there was I complaining that my eight mile journey to work could take fifty minutes.

I had for some time wanted to connect more deeply with the work I was doing, and yet it felt easier to just stay put. It wasn’t easier though, it was stressful and frustrating. I realised that although we were living in a lovely area, could afford the occasional evening out, takeaways and holidays we were doing all those things because a) we felt we had earned them/were owed them and b) to distract ourselves from the fact we weren’t really enjoying life. Plus I was now acutely aware that life can be taken from any of us at any moment.

Things needed to change.

So I decided to leave a good career (which triggered the above text message to my own Life Coach), take the plunge and do something I really believe in.


I took up running in my late 30’s. I had been relatively good at it at school, but my working life limited my need for running to catching the 1806 from Waterloo. Having been convinced for some time that:

  1. I couldn’t run.
  2. I couldn’t run and converse with another human being at the same time.
  3. I couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating than running with people who could see just how puce my face was turning.

I joined a women’s running group around the gorgeous Bushy Park. This taught many things (and continues to do so) such as to run at my own pace. To accept that some weeks I would feel crap and others I would feel invincible. And ultimately that I could run a half-marathon.

My other hobbies satisfy my more introverted needs, reading (lots), learning (always), walking in nature, exploring places on foot, mindfulness meditation and pilates.

About Alison

Finally, here is my Mug Shot. These are my favourite mugs. I choose to drink my tea (preferably loose leaf) out of them depending on my mood:

  • Wonder Woman – when I feel the need for super powers or am feeling particularly super.
  • Unicorn – when it’s time to kick some arse.
  • Be Happy – to keep things real.

Additional, for pilates references:

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