Dog wearing comedy disguise glasses, nose and moustache because tansformational coaching helps us see things differently

Changing perspective

When change is gradual My nickname growing up was Bookworm.  I was generally found with my nose stuck in a book (and still am to be fair!).  For this purpose my eyes were perfectly adequate for the job.  At school, as you got older you moved towards the rear of the Assembly Read more…

Numerous lit tea lights in a dark room bringing small pieces of light and hope into grief and loss

Why we need to learn to grieve

“Grief?” I hear you cry, “But you’re a Life Coach.  Aren’t you supposed to be helping me achieve my goals in life, how’s grief going to help?  How depressing”. Grief is not just about losing a loved one. To me, grief, fear, and change are all part of the same Read more…

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