Person-centred business coaching

I have spent over twenty years as a Team Manager within premium FMCGs. My approach to Business Coaching as a result is very much person-centred.  

During those years what I enjoyed most and and the same time was most challenging, was creating performance improvement plans for those individuals where intervention was needed.  

In my first role as a Team Leader, I managed the lady who mentored me when I joined the company.  She didn’t suffer fools gladly and had been with the company for more years than I care to remember.  I felt daunted, and yet honoured at the same time.

I realised quickly that if you treat people as people and not employees or resources, they will work with you and not against you.  This also means you also must be willing to support them during times when they need help, and speak up for them when they are unable to speak up for themselves.

I have also seen the damage that is caused when teams behave as individuals that happen to work together.  The teams that perform best are those that see each other as people.

For these reasons the Business Coaching I offer is aimed at embedding a person-centred approach.

Coaching formats offered

New Manager Coaching

Focussing on:

  • team development,
  • performance development,
  • performance improvement plans,
  • communication skills,
  • delegation
  • and manager and team wellbeing.
Group coaching for small groups
  • cross-functional problem solving
  • cross-functional team building
  • encouraging fresh approaches to challenges
Group coaching for larger groups
  • encouraging participation in change
  • involvement in the bigger picture
  • supporting commitment to change
  • gaining company-wide input

The objective is not only to deal with the presenting issue, but to enable the participants to manage their own group coaching going forward.

As these packages will be bespoke, please contact me for further details and prices.

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