First, you need to be committed to change.

Let’s consider your physical health.

I suspect sometime in the past six months or so you have thought about your health and possibly making a change.  Maybe you’ve had a healthy meal, done some exercise, possibly even had a “beach-body ready” moment of panic?

We think about our physical health on a fairly regular basis, we don’t always act on it, but it’s part of everyday life.  We chat about it with friends, complain about aches and pains, and occasionally pop to see our GP.  It’s normal.

Over time our bodies adapt to repetitive actions/posture, which creates imbalance and ultimately weak points, aches and pains.  When this happens we tend to head off to the nearest Pilates or yoga class to try and loosen up, or possibly sign up with a Personal Trainer.

What’s that got to do with life coaching? 

Well, a similar process applies to our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.  Over time we can develop blocks because our brains, like our muscles go for the quick solutions i.e. what it did last time.  This saves energy as we’re not starting from scratch, but it also creates imbalance.  We are not viewing life from a fresh perspective.

We rarely, however, do much about it.

We avoid discussing our challenges in case others think we are weak.  We think because we are intelligent human beings, we should be able to just “figure it out”.  How many self-help books have you read and either not done anything with what you’ve learned, or tried to make changes only to find you’ve not been able to make the changes you want to?

So what can you do?

If you ask your friends and family, they will offer advice based on who they think you are.  This isn’t a disaster, but it probably won’t help open your eyes to all the possibilities out there.  There is also the challenge of the ripple effect.  Other people may not be comfortable with your need for change, because of the potential knock-on effect on them.

The bottom line…

The bottom line is, if you want something to change in your life, YOU have to take action.  There’s no getting around it.  You can sit there and hope the situation or the other person will change. They won’t, there’s no reason for them to.  Think how often you think it’s safer or easier to stay as you are.  Why should anyone else be different? 

You need a fresh perspective.

Which is where I come in…

Square Peg Coaching

Step One

Book in for your free Future Self Call.

Step Two

We talk.  This is an hour long call where we suss each other out.  I need to find out what it is you want help with, and you need to find out whether I’m the right person to help you with it.

There are as many different Life Coaches as there are types of challenge. For example, some are goal and career focussed, whilst others specialise in health and wellbeing.  The list goes on.  The reason for this is that we all have different needs and values, Life Coaches included.

What type of coach am I?

I am very much person-centred.  I want to help you achieve outcomes that are meaningful for you.  I don’t believe in goals based on “getting more” or winning. For every winner there must be a loser and that’s not what I’m about.   My coaching is based on “being more”.

This means being more you.  Doing things because they are important to you. Letting go of things that are not important to you.  Accepting that you are perfectly imperfect, just like everyone else.  

I know that whilst the world may prize the “perfectly-rounded” individual who is pretty much good at everything, the reality is there are many square pegs and other shapes trying to find their place in the world.

I have a unique breadth of experience, which enables me to combine practical process steps with mind and body awareness.  This helps you to deeply connect to the process, whilst gaining real clarity of how to make the most of what you learn.

Step Three

The work begins.  I work online, by phone and offer face to face coaching (location dependent).  Each session will start with a brief mindfulness check-in to ensure we are both fully present in the coaching space.  

We’ll be getting to the heart of you, getting clear on what is, and is not, important to you.

We’ll look at your mindset to understand where you may be tripping yourself up, or not giving yourself enough credit.

We’ll look at your natural talents and how to build on them.  We’ll uncover the skills/knowledge you may need and then figure out a way to get them.

We’ll build a picture of nourishing and draining relationships in your life.  We’ll seek to understand how to turn things around where needed, and let go where necessary.

Step Four

MA – the void.  The Japanese use the term “MA” to describe negative space,Kanji-for-MA emptiness, a pause.    The idea is that the space between is integral to the whole.  Within the emptiness in the space between there is possibility.

Often the most progress happens in the space between sessions.  It takes time for ideas and possibilities to percolate through and become meaningful.

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